ARToken by Cappasity
Bắt Đầu: 25-10-2017
Kết Thúc: 22-11-2017

Cappasity is a well-trusted player in 3D digitizing and its applications for augmented and virtual reality. Cappasity introduces decentralized AR/VR Ecosystem that offers businesses an access to a broad range of 3D content. Cappasity has previously worked with large retailers and top luxury brands through the Plug and Play Retail Accelerator, Batch 7, and is now aiming to expand cooperation with other 3D content consumers and AR/VR developers around the world.

Global decentralized trustless ecosystem will allow users and developers to benefit from easy 3D object creation and embedding into websites, as well as mobile and VR/AR applications secured by smart contracts and blockchain technology. To simplify the content exchange between participants from all over the globe and create a borderless AR/VR community network, Cappasity proposes to use a proper utility token (ARToken) as the primary payment vehicle within the Cappasity AR/VR Ecosystem. Cappasity will use its proprietary technological platform as a lever to boost the ecosystem’s growth, and it will provide the community with its API and SDK to integrate new tools and technologies developed by third party service providers.

Phát Triển Dự Án
Alex Chegaev
Co-founder & CTO
Kosta Popov
Founder and CEO
Marianna Alshina
Co-founder and CBDO
Natalie Reyes
Cố Vấn
Henry Ines
Partner at DraperDragon Fund, Executive Director of Global Chamber
Jim Theberge
Director, Head of Product Management & Sales Strategy, Advanced Advertising at Verizon
Leo Batalov
Partner at DLA Piper, Head of Emerging Growth Companies & Venture Capital Russia & CIS
Jeff Smith
Entrepreneur in residence, Tech Futures Group
DLA Piper
Global law firm
Tokens generation cap

10,000,000,000 AR
7,000,000,000 AR available for the crowd sale

Tokens distribution

70% ICO
12% Early Investors
18% Founders’ Endowment

Tokens exchange

125 AR = $1


Phase 1 bonuses will depend on the tier the contribution is made, and on the amount contributed. The tier system is based on our Whitelist Application process and is defined as:

– First $10M (TIER 1) – 10% Bonus
– Second $10M (TIER 2) – 5% Bonus
– Third $10M (TIER 3) – 0% Bonus
Contribution size bonus: $100K-$300K – 5%, >$300K – 10%
These bonuses are independent and can be summed up.

Phase 2 will have two tiers and bonus model will be as follows:
– First $10M (TIER 1) – 10% Bonus
– Second $10M (TIER 2) – 0% Bonus

Differences from competitors

Crowd sale will consist of two phases:
Phase 1 takes place in October 2017;
Phase 2 is a subject to be announced in Q1 2018.

AR/VR technology is advancing its capabilities and will soon be in widespread use. However, the AR/VR market growth is affected by the lack of high quality of 3D content. Currently, Cappasity’s goal is to revolutionize the AR/VR industry by prosposing an innovative solution- a platform where users and businesses benefit from easy creation and exchange of 3D content at a competitive price. It is the first platform that leverages blockchain infrastructure to create, rent and sell 3D content. This approach ensures decentralized and trustless copyrights’ storage and exchange of creative content. The project contributes to the AR/VR community by eliminating issues related to copyright due to blockchain technology, smart-contracts and enables users to benefit from new tools and technologies developed by third party service providers.